GAMING – Design Your Puzzle Games Better!

The puzzle genre seems so minuscule these days. Much of the gaming press chosses not to give many of these games any spotlight and they all seem to be released sporadically on the handhelds as forgettable titles or as downloadable titles that only interest gamers really into the genre. This all makes sense though since even though most are so fun and executed without any noticeable flaws, they are always extremely simplistic. I’m a fairly big fan of this genre though so even though I know the subject of puzzle games is going to bore most of you guys, I still think it’s interesting to point out what I found wrong with many of the puzzle games I’ve played.
That’s the Only Incentive?
Look, I’m not asking for an extra story mode because that definitely would be ill-fitting in some cases, but there’s no denying that most puzzle games lack any sort of longevity other than just being addicted to one or two modes it offers, which is usually just arcade mode and two-player vs mode. For fans of the genre, this isn’t a problem since there are people who’s still playing Tetris ten years later. However, for the rest of us, we need something more substantial.

This is probably why Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords was such a big hit when it was released. Complementing the puzzle gameplay was a basic yet interesting medeival lore full of trolls and towns that you got to upgrade and maintain. Each victory in puzzle contributed to your progress in this story and in the customization of your town and your character. I think more puzzle games should have features like these, especially since some of my favorite puzzle games do indeed do this e.g. Bubble Bobble, Tetris Attacked, Crush…

The puzzle gameplay alone should not be the only incentive to keep playing the game, no matter how brilliant the gameplay is. This is why I’ve never been that big fan of Tetris, Bejeweled, Columns, Lumines… I loved the gameplay but after an hour, I don’t see the point of playing any longer. Developers of these games need to stop assuming that great gameplay is the only thing that matters.

I Don’t Like Lotteries
But that doesn’t mean developers should overlook the importance of gameplay. In the puzzle genre, one tiny little thing can make or break the game for me, and that’s being able to think about what to do next strategically. Tetris’ design is brilliant because as soon as you put down a block, you could see what block is upcoming in the side screen. Thus, a gamer aware of the entire screen is given plenty of opportunities to think things through.

And then we have something like Puzzle Quest… There are no hints as to what’s coming next. It’s like playing the game blindfolded at times, or going to Las Vegas and playing a lottery that favors the dealer. Luck should not be a big aspect of puzzle games and yet, a lot of these puzzle games are guilty of this, even Lumines, though in that game, it’s not too noticeable.

We’re No Longer in the NES Era!
I really love the gameplay of Lumines. The way you have to match the blocks in accordance with the rhythm of the music is simply incredible. However, there’s a huge design flaw of that game: no level select?

There are so many puzzle games out there that you have to start the game from the very beginning whenever you start up. I understand that the developers are assuming since the gameplay is so addicting that we won’t mind playing the game over and over again for years and years, but the fact is, I do mind. I mind a lot. I want my progress to constantly be saved and I want a more streamlined experienced. We’re in 2009; not 1989. I don’t want to repeat everything I’ve done before and I want more than two simple modes.

This genre seriously needs to provide much more content, much more flexibility, and a much more user-friendly interface.

Mass Effect: Video Game Review

After being hounded by my boyfriend for weeks about how intriguing Mass Effect was, I finally decided to turn on my console and try the game out myself. I was surprised at the innovativeness almost immediately and refused to give back the controller or TV. To RPG or Not to RPG: Most gamers either love RPGs or they hate them. RPGs, otherwise known as “Role Playing Games” usually force you to assume a role of the lead character and take you through a story arc. Unlike the “blood and guts” games on the market, RPGs are more story-based and leave you with the sense of watching an interactive movie. Mass Effect takes this to another level by incorporating social choices that later have implications somewhere down the line. Because of this, you can beat the game and play it again and, depending on the new choices that you make, end up with different scenarios that weren’t experienced in previous play.
I’ve also found that unlike the Final Fantasy RPGs which are based around leveling up your character and party members and gaining experience points, Mass Effect allows you to choose from the beginning of the game the level of involvement you want with picking and choosing how your character

progresses. So, if you are like me and hate assigning experience points, weapons and feats to your characters and the other three members in the party,

you can set the option for the computer to do half of the work so that you can concentrate more on chasing alien races.
MORE Combat?: When I buy an RPG, I like it to be just that – an RPG. I buy war games to play war games and silly, nonsensical steal-the-car-games when I feel like stealing cars and driving them into rivers…but when I buy an RPG, I want to concentrate on the story and the choices to progress the story and less on the killing. Mass Effect has found a great balance between their combat scenes and their conversational scenes, providing an opportunity to reach goals in both scenarios. In the middle of many of the combat scenes, you meet new people and are provided with new opportunities that can make or break you. It’s never just senseless “pointing or shooting” but a calculated battle between “should I’s” and “should-I-not’s” that always keeps you on your toes. I appreciate the lack of running around and randomly encountering enemies (as is traditional in most RPGs), but instead you know exactly what scenes are meant for combat and which scenes are meant for socializing and they never get confused. Did You See That?: The graphics of this game are second-to-best. It starts with customizing your character to either look like you do (I must say I make a snazzy Commander!), or to look like an emo man with long, jet black hair. The characters are very realistic, right down to their independently-moving eyeballs to their facial features and reactions. It’s always fun to watch a Commander You running around with sniper rifles to save the human race, afterall.
On top of the customizable lead character, those that are built into the game are very life-like and surprise the player at every turn. Cut scenes reveal beautifully-created species which range from humans to snotty aliens with bad attitude problems.

Besides the character creation, the scenery around the game play is simply amazing. Some scenes lead you to lean closer to your TV and wonder if you are really seeing those details or if you are simply imaging them. I’ve caught myself idling my characters on the screen or walking them around

needlessly just so that I could absorb the scenery of the different planets and locations. It enraptures you and makes you a part of the characters’

environment, allowing Mass Effect to be a game to play on a more personal level.

I’d encourage those with the platforms to run Mass Effect to buy the game and give it a try. It is unlike any other RPG I’ve played in the past and unique in so many positive ways that it is hard to turn off once you’ve turned it on. Because of its set up, you can play the game, beat it, and replay it to find new information that you might have passed up again, which means you not only get to experience Mass Effect all over again, but you get more “bang for your buck” which purchasing this masterpiece.

Game Review: Armored Core: For Answer

Armored Core: For Answer is the thirteenth, yes that many, in the Armored Core series and one that is a bit on the heavy side with configurations and short on gameplay.
Ratings: Graphics amp; Audio: 13/25, Gameplay: 12/25, Creativity 18/25, Fun 12/25
Total: 55/100

Armored Core: For Answer is the thirteenth game in the armored Core series and the translation from Japanese is the reason for the title. The game is feature rich for those that are into heavy mech suits and customizing them to the gills but light on gameplay.

I have played this game and done pretty well suiting up and getting into the thick of mech fighting but I was very disappointed in the gameplay. You can spend ten to fifteen minutes outfitting your Armored Core, painting the suit and adding decals as well as tuning the weapons and trimming the flight and skating characteristics.

But the missions last five minutes at the most and then it’s back to buy new weapons or try the mission again, short and sweet is not always good. I was very surprised when this trend happened through all the missions and I was very disappointed that the missions were not more lengthy or varied.

Each mission is played in one of several scenes but they are pretty much all the same, flat land or slightly rolling dotted in some levels with destructible buildings. Some levels have you skating across water that does not look like water and hitting ships and other sea based vessels.

You do get a few scenes inside buildings or structures but these are very generic with some pretty bland textures and no hint of variation for most of the scenery. The structures and buildings do not have any wear or damage until you totally destroy the whole thing or make your own mark on the buildings and objects.

Armored Core: For Answer starts you out with a quick tutorial that helps you get used to your Armored Core as well as the control scheme. The levels that follow are in a tree organization were you do not have to complete each mission to move on but can skip some here and there.

You join one of four factions or companies which decides the mech you start with and its off to your first battle of your choice from the beginning. The missions differ in name but in actual execution they are pretty much the same, shoot at anything that moves with or without a co-op teammate and destroy everything you can.

You can play most of the missions in co-op mode which helps some but finding someone else to play with may be a challenge, I did find a few playing but not very many. The missions boil down to total destruction all with you as the central target for everything on the battlefield.

You can either be automatically targeting enemies or you can target them yourself but they are flitting around so fast and many times coming at you so quickly and in such numbers that automatic targeting is the only way to win. The automatic mode works so well that you mainly skate or fly around at random and squeeze off rounds until that weapon’s is empty.

I found that most missions will allow you to do just that until you destroy everything but others have a boss fight that is a bit more difficult. These fights called for either picking the right weapons or the right tactics but tactics usually meant going from a different side of the boss.

Mostly the game has you doing a quick insertion, shoot everything in sight and fade to black for the end of the mission. There was no chance of deciding which way to approach, no backing off to go around or even stopping to assess a situation.

Things happen so quickly and enemies come at you so fast that there is no time in missions to do anything but shoot and move level after level. The game quickly becomes a repeat of the same mission just with different enemies and weapons but without much variety in style or gameplay.

The suit customization is a tech boys, or girls, dream come true; weapons, Armored Core gadgets, paint, decals, trimming the suit for flight, adding new weapons. The variations are endless once you earn some credits and you have level after level of that opportunity.

The general suit you start with already has plenty of changes you can make but when you really get into the game there are hundreds of ways to change your mech. But this does not really matter much when the short missions have you needing the most powerful weapons in order to get anywhere in the objectives. It would have been nice to have more area to work with and a bit more intelligent AI that would not simply rush you on sight.

The graphics are muted and dull for the most part with some very drab color schemes and a general glossed over look to the whole game. The Armored Core suits look great but you always see yours from the rear, getting a nice shot of that blaster jet pack stuff on your back. The other objects vessels and terrain are very plain for the most part with no variations in texture other than to make things obviously different.

The buildings look brand new until you destroy or damage them and even the other Armored Core flitting around look fresh off the assembly line but these are supposed to be battle tested suits. The game would have been better, again with more improvement needed, if things did not look so generic or brand new.

The gameplay is a bit fast and furious but that could have been a good thing but there is not let up until the end of the mission. This gives the feeling of a quick draw battle with you as the only target and having to complete your objectives means being either faster or have better weapons.

Armored Core: For Answer is a game that could have been much more and has a good basis for a great mech game, it just needs some work. I could easily see this game coming out with a quick expansion with some better levels and a bit different approach to the combat and gameplay.

Until then Armored Core: For Answer is an okay game but I would definitely rent this and not purchase, try before you buy here.

Clash royale – A fantastic online strategy game

A clash royale is one of the fantastic strategy games on the internet. It allows the players to fight against other players in real time. The main strategy of clash royale is finding all the characters from the clash of clans such as wall breakers, giants, archers and barbarian kings and more. All you need to do is to begin a game with three towers such as one in the middle and other two on each side. The major aim of this game is using your troops in order to destroy the enemy’s central tower as well as defending your own towers.

In this clash royale game, there are many numbers of troops available, so you have to unlock them first. To unlock all troops as well as level up, you have to gather all the cards. These cards are available inside the chests, so you can earn by just winning the tournaments. However, each clash royale has included a lot of special characters such as deployment time, life points, speed and attack distance.

When you level up, you have to enhance the attributes and also let you customize the troops fully. At the background of a game, the troops are usually catalogued in the collectible card mode and need to level up your game in order to enhance the features. At present, the clash royale is widely available on the internet to download, so you can easily get the APK format on your device.

Another great thing about this game is able to play even from any geographical region. When you win the battles, you have to get the trophies by just opening the chests and also enhance your deck with complete optional of paying real money. However, this game has been officially releases in the following countries such as Australia, Denmark, Canada, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Enjoy clash royale from Super cell

Basically, the clash royale is a fun strategy game that has a multiplayer mode game option. It contains fanatic duels that have duration of very short time between one and four minutes. If you would like to play this game, you can surely play it to enjoy at any time. In addition to, the graphics and sound effects of clash royale are extraordinary. Actually, the clash royale was developed by the Super cell that has already launched the successful clash of clans. This game contains a tower defense set, which is similar to the clash of clan universe. But the official launch of this game is only limited to particular countries and its apk file available that allows you to play anywhere.

Effective clash royale features and its description

The special thing about clash royale is offering a lot of collective cards with spells, warriors and defensive structures and so on. All you have to do is to take part the battles with the powerful opponents. When you play this game in android mobile, you can make challenges to the players in all over the world in order to improve your performance by just fighting on the arenas. At that moment, make sure to use the current card and try to create the defensive towers to block the path of your enemies. When you battle, you can also send the archers, soldiers and mages or use a hack for clash royale 2017. With these things, you can also destroy all the castle and forces of your enemy. Some of the effective gaming features of clash royale are given below:

  • Strong magic
  • A lot of heroes
  • Character progression
  • Fight against with other players
  • Excellent graphics

How to Improve your Farm in Hay Day

Hay day is a mobile game played on online process and is played all over the world. Nowadays many people in the cities and villages are playing more online games though the process of agricultural work is destroyed. To develop the world in great manner the game should process only in required limits.

Hay Day Game:

In olden days people started their day with agriculture by producing crops in their fertilized fields. The villages are changed to cities by building the apartments and departmental store and the production of agricultural crops are stopped. The fertilized lands are now constructed as a building due to the development made for upcoming world.

The hay day is an online game and it made the people only to play in it and not to concentrate on any other works. The mobile based games are played more and more and they don’t know to maintain their farms in a great manner. All liked to play the online games and they spend their time only by playing in mobile phones and gives relief to their mind.

The hay day is a famous game played on every one’s mobiles and is an interesting game too. By playing the game it makes more involvement in it and also makes very interesting by spending more time on it. The hay day game gives a great experience and also helps to teach to someone how to do agriculture.

The hay4hack is an online tool which helps to generate the coins to hike your next level and also used to hack all the coins as needed. The coins are used to purchase the animals and need of foods and same time can buy the items that are needed to your farm easily.

The hay day hack will help you to get the coins and diamond and you can use the diamond to built new buildings, farms and produce crops for animals. If we get more coins then you can reach next level of the game easily. The next level of game gives a beautiful surrounding and also it has many different levels located with more coins. The harvesting of crops are produced in higher rate and you can store all these grains as you needed and the storage is kept by measuring the grains by kilograms.

Hay Day game Process:

The hay day game has many different levels with a surrounding nature and you can also build your own farms by harvesting on it. By using coins you can build your own fields by creating hens farm, the produced eggs are sold for some amounts to increase the production.

The field produces the food and is sold to the bakery and the needed animal foods are easily purchased by using hacked coins. You can also produce more foods in your own fields that are needed for animals and also sell them to the other customer needs by earning more coins. And you also can build the feed mill for animals needs and the productions of crops are stored in the fields for animals. All these types of things can be made when you hack the coin and it also makes it easy for harvesting the crops. All these process are done only when you generate the coins before playing the game and also makes you easier for your production.

The hay day hack tool gives you more number of coins before playing the game and also an easy way to win the game. Everyone is interested in playing games. By playing this game it gives a chance to make your own farm with lots of resources.

The main focus of the game is to earn coins and you can use the coin to harvest the fields for your necessity and it helps you to develop the skills in marketing by selling the eggs and production of crops.


The hay day game is played only on online basis and develops you to survive in the world by developing your skills. The production gives a profit only by fixing prices on your own and that may produce a good profit to the seller and improve his farm in a better way.

Use hack tool and unlock the essential packs in Madden NFL Mobile

Generally people will be very curious to play games which are related with real sports. It is because when compared with an imaginary game, this will engage people in the better manner. The games which are based in the real sports will be having the characters of real players and also there will be the teams which resemble the real team. Therefore when people are playing those games, they will get the real experience of playing the sport. This is the main reason why people are very much interested to prefer the games related with sports.

Particularly if it is related with football, then people will become addicted to that game. It is because football is the most popular game in all over the world and people from different parts of the world will be an active follower of this game. People will be in utmost excitement while watching football then you imagine how it will be if they are able to get a chance to play that game. Especially if they are able to control the character of their favorite player, then they will be very much excited.

If you explore the games which are related with football, you are able to find plenty of them but there is no assurance whether all those games will be effective as people expect. Most of those games are not having the exciting elements that people expect therefore they will not be preferred by anyone. However, those who are searching for the best and most interesting game can prefer Madden NFL Mobile game for their purpose. Actually it is an American football game which is based on National Football League. The company EA sports has been published this game and it is being a part of the series of Madden NFL.

On August 26, 2014 the game has been launched for both Android and iOS platforms therefore people who are using these smartphones can download this game easily and they can start playing. It is an exactly a mobile version of Madden Ultimate Team and it includes players and cards which were available in the original version. Players can participate in the live events in order to earn coins and the essential packs in the game. Apart from the live events there is another mode for the people as season and it will allow the players to take part in the season which includes 16 games.

If people want to purchase any packs in the game, they need to spend their real money. But no one will be ready to spend their hard earned money for a game therefore people will be looking for some other options. Actually today many online sites are offering hacking tools for plenty of games therefore people can visit any of those platforms and search for the Madden NFL Hack. In fact there are some websites which specially offer hack tools for this game therefore the individuals can make use of those platforms instead of choosing a random platform for this purpose. However before choosing an online platform, people need to make sure whether the platform is reliable and whether the hack tool will be effective.

Super Mario Run – A Superb mobile game for iPhone and iPods


Most of the children they dream about getting gems, but without getting paid all of their dreams come true. Thanks to this Super Mario Run game. Since its announcement for its launch, many of them waited eagerly for its arrival in the market and finally it is now available to download. This amazing game now is accessible to a smartphone, iPad, and iPhone to play and enjoy. Nintendo had recently decided to change their strategy regarding their approach to mobile gaming and they moved towards their own making of Super Mario Run.  It is available for android and iOS and it promises great experience and excitement for its players all over the world.

Fun filled and lively

The game is so simple that no wonder once the player clicks on the start button he is absolutely lost in the world of Mario game. It is so simple and much interesting that the player cannot resist himself from completing the different levels. The game is designed in such a way that player immerses himself in playing the game.

How to use Super Mario Run Hack: Unlimited Coins & Full Game Unlock

To play Mario one had to click on the start button and the game gets starts automatically. Once the player clicks the start button Mario will be running in one direction and the player can change the direction if a wall is in the front, can also double jump to run in the opposite direction.

It also provides mushrooms for the Mario to become bigger and stronger with two lives as the old super Mario game. One can collect as many gold coins as possible all over the way through the mission accomplishment. All will be tempted to play it again and again.

Modes of games

There are three different interesting modes offered for the players.  The first one is for the player to complete the course. The second level to challenge the data of the other players who completed the course and the third level the player can create his own mushroom empire by the collected coins.

Be prompt time is the limit

Mario has many features to get the attention of tits player. The most compelling one is the timer on the top .which makes the player act quickly to collect the coins as many as possible within the time. One the time is zero no more coins so be prompt in collecting the coins to build your mushroom empire.


What is special?

There are chances for getting countless free gems and the experience is fun, exciting and enjoyable. This game includes an unlocking feature too.  By collecting the coins Mario’s look can be changed wonderfully. It is so amazing that one can also change the color of the game too. The players will be jam-packed by experiencing all this by playing Mario. Moreover, players all over the world will play and the best player   will be displayed on the board and the player can compete with the other top tier players.

Why wait?

Mario has arrived and what stops you from playing it. Don’t waste your time by playing a mundane game without any surprises and joy. Start running to grab the Mario Run game which is full of fun and joy. This is a place to enjoy accomplishing the task, can compete with the best players all over the world. One can build your own mushroom kingdom. Can collect as many gold coins as possible. Fill your every moment with joy and fun. Run for the Mario Run game. What is stopping you? Get start now!

How to get the unlimited gems in clash of clan game


In a modern world most of the people are addicts to clash of clans game because this game is having amazing gameplay method. Clash of clan is the trending game because of this game features. But if you are planning to play advanced features of this game then you have to spend your hard earned money in this game. Basically this game is freemium mobile strategy video game and it is published and developed by the Supercell. So players have to use their real world currency to upgrade their items.

Getting the information about clash of clans benefits

When it comes to the gameplay of this game then players have to build their own village and they have to train their troops. In this game is consists of four resources which is includes

  • Gold
  • Elixir
  • Dark elixir
  • Gem

In a clash of clans game, gem is considered as real world currency and it is really helpful to upgrade the troops. If you are planning to win this game then you have to build strong community when compared to your opponents. Basically clash of clans games players can play this game with worldwide players. Players can form with their own clans community and they can also invite their friends. But one of the disadvantages of this game, player has to spend their real world currency. As everyone knows earning is quite difficult in this game and no one is interested to spend their hard earned money in game. So if you are looking to play this game without spending your hard earned money then you can use Clash of Clans Hack – Get Free Gems . This kind of tool is really helpful to increase your resources without spending money.

What are the benefits of using clash of clans hacking tool?

If you are using clash of clans hack then you can get the plenty of advantages such as

  • Generate unlimited gems and gold
  • Used friendly interface
  • Secured proxy and server
  • Safe to use
  • Free from virus
  • Secured encryption method

So above are the benefits of using hack tool and there are plenty type of hacking tools are available in online so you have to carefully choose the best one. Most of the hacking tools are scripted with secured server so you can easily get unlimited resources. One of the main advantages of hacking tool, players can use this tool for free of cost.

How to Make Gold Quickly in Clash Royale?


Supercell introduced a brand new game of clash of clans as clash royale game and it includes a lot of features in troops, characters, elixir and more. A very important part of clash royale game is a battle and searching for multiple battles. Therefore, it is crucial to improve the cards or buying new cards to face the battles and win the game. To buy new cards, or improving the cards require more cost and needs more gold. How to make gold quickly? This is the question asked frequently by many players of clash royale game who doesn’t know about clash royale hack.

How to make gold quickly in clash royale?

Typically, getting more money from clash royale game consumes more time and players need to wait for a few days so that they can able to get the amount of gold required for the improvements in the cards to battle with opponents. However, there are 2 ways to make gold instead of using clash royale hack.

In a first way, players need to open chests to get more gold. Yes, the easier way to make gold on the clash royale game is opening the chests with different colors such as wooden, silver, gold and crowns chests. But, opening those chests is not easy and the player also needs more gems to accomplish it. There are some limitations in the game to collect gems and players can able to play only a few parts of the game per day. Thus, the first way of making gold is not suited at all times.

In the second method of making gold, players need to spend their real money on purchasing gold. But, this is also not possible at all time and even some players are not ready to spend real money on the game too. Apart from that, there are other ways also exist to make use, but all those are not easy and as well as consumes more days too.

Clash royale hack:

But, you don’t worry; there is an excellent way waiting for you people, which is clash royale hack. A clash royale hack is a hacking tool that is available just like as an online generator. Yes, you can access this generator through online to generate required amount of gems and coins. Without having necessary numbers of gems and coins, players can’t buy gold and improve their cards to battle with opponents.

So, the clash royale hack is developed by hackers to generate resources required to play the clash royale game easily without getting annoyance on purchasing resources at clash royale store. In addition to that, players no need to play the game to collect gems and coins. Instead of that, simply access the online generator and following the instructions given on the website to generate unlimited gems and coins.

Therefore, hereafter, players no need play the game to open the chests to make gold or spending real money to buy gold to fight multiple battles. This is because all these steps are simplified by the clash royale hack.

Best parts of using online generator:

In order to use an online generator, players don’t need to give their personal details and there is no jailbreak too. Moreover, this online generator for clash royale hack is made with an anti-ban system with more security. Bu, when you look online generator, you need to ensure that generator is updated regularly because regular updates avoid detection of hacking by the developers of the game.

At last, use the online generator on your smart device to make gold quickly in clash royale.

Why Generate Online Cash and Coins for SimCity Buildit Game?

Unlike most building games this game is unique and you will at once notice it when you play. If you are a newcomer then you will soon run out of cash and crossing that extra hurdle or time lag that becomes almost fruitless. You need money to build structures in your city and so also for roads, factories, City storage and wind powered energy and so on. True, you will get the cash while playing yet this may take a lot more time than you have ever thought of. In order to remove the monotony and slow progress you ought to get unlimited SimCity Buildt Hack from sites that sell. Since, expanding your city population is the most crucial step in developing your city and in turn would increase your tax money but this may take enough time. So, in order to play the game faster you need to purchase cash from online sites.

Worry free cash payments

If you play SimCity Buildt then you will find that there are several areas which can drain up your money fast. Again, the faster you spend the better your city would be and the cleaner and more systematic its everyday functioning. However, recovering what you spend from the residents of the city may prove to be a little nerve wracking. So the best way to get easy cash and that too without limits would be to approach an online simcity buildit hack android .

The game has numerous possibilities and the best way to get your city running without much of an issue would be make factories run even while you are not playing and making sure that you’re are continuously upgrading the buildings, paving the streets and getting materials at a cheaper rate from trading posts.

However, just as in real life everything remains a fancy unless of course you spend cash. Now if you had purchased all the SimCash and coins you wanted from an online site then a greater part of your trouble is over. You may without further hitch go with your building activities and installing factories and power energy in your city.

This is indeed a learning game and a future way to design a human residential complex as well as workplace. You need to keep the factories far from the residential complexes by constructing a road and then arrange basic utility services and other essential services near to the residence.

Easy to operate cash generating tool

Most sites offer you unlimited free amount of cash and coins and you have only to give your SimCity Buildt account access to them. This is done without the game server knowing anything about it so there is always an element of risk. Yet most of the sites operate top notch software on their site and getting detected is by itself a challenge.

If you are new then you may get acquainted with the game and then order for more cash and coins from an authentic SimCity Buildt Hack site. With more cash there will be unlimited enjoyment.